Wayward Pines: Season 1 Episode 2


We’re only into the second episode and it’s so good and I just can’t wait for the next episode. The ending of this episode was so intense. I love this show, it gives me the creeps.

Kate was particularly creepy in this episode. There are rules in this town and if you don’t abide by them then you are killed. Kate delivered the rules very chillingly. The rules are:
Don’t talk about the past
Don’t talk about your life before
Do not try to leave
And my personal favourite – Always answer the phone when it rings.
I find the last one the creepiest. At the end of the episode all the phones rang at once which was creepy. Then the only person in town that is sane and the only one on Ethan’s side was killed which was quite a surprise with it being so early on in the season. Especially because she was played by a popular actress too. juliette-lewis-wayward-pines-FOX

When she was killed though Kate looked very sickened by it and you can sort of see that maybe the real her is still in there and that she’s just really good at gong along with the rules. waywardpines_ethan_kate

We learned quite a bit more about the town this episode. All the money is fake. So basically they’re like human dolls living fake lives. The show kind of reminds me of Shutter Island because of all the mystery and also there was a scene where Ethan saw his wife and son in the hospital but turns out they weren’t real he was just imagining it. I can’t help but wonder what else he might be imagining…Wayward-Pines-season-1-episode-2-Ethan-Burke-e1432161050441

Ethan is now on his own so it’ll be interesting to see how he goes forward. I’m not sure I should trust Kate or not but I’m sure we’ll learn more about her as the show goes on. wp_scn62pt62A_0123r_hires2-1030x687


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