Chicago PD: Season 2 Finale!


This episode had a proposal and a death. The death wasn’t a main cast member so I wasn’t bothered by that. The proposal came from Ruzek to Burgess who said yes. I really don’t ship these two at all. I find her quite annoying, I really don’t care what happens to them.BkQ4z_nCAAAX6Cx

I do however ship Lindsay and Halstead who’s relationship is non existent at the minute unfortunately. The episode ended with Lindsay quitting the force. After Nadia’s death a few episode’s ago she hasn’t been coping and has gone back on the booze and drugs. Someone just needs to sort her out and keep her away from her mother. Her mum is such a bad influence on her. This means that Burgess will stay in intelligence until Lindsay comes back.Bhc7nUKCcAAJ9pX

As for the case this week it saw the team investigate dirty cops. As for the action I thought it was pretty low this week, it wasn’t as action packed as I hoped.  NUP_159112_0191.JPG


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