Pitch Perfect 2

It’s not normally a film that I would go see at the cinema but I’m glad I did. It was totally worth seeing Fat Amy on the big screen. I’m not sure if I think this film is better than the first one yet but I do think it’s just as good. There’s more songs, more comedy and more to be enjoyed. Prepare to be pitch slapped!images*Spoilers*

I love it when they are given a category to sing and each group has to sing a song that fits into the category. I loved it in the first film so I was very pleased that they brought it back in this one too. They also brought back Aubrey who was one of the Bella’s in the first film but she’s not a member anymore and she’s less controlling. 170px-Abury

There was a storyline running throughout the film with Becca and her internship and a production company which I didn’t really get. It didn’t really have much significance on the whole story and didn’t really close out at the end. The scenes at the production company were very funny so it was enjoyable to watch but I just thought it wasn’t very necessary. Pitch-Perfect-2-Stage-02

I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Banks. I love her as Effy in The Hunger Games, I loved her in What To Expect When You’re Expecting and I loved her in A Man On A Ledge. I was excited when I found out that she wasn’t only going to reprise her role in this film but also direct it. I think she did an amazing job the film definitely lived up to the first one in my opinion. I just can’t decide which one I prefer. 05-Pitch-Perfect-2-Trailer-Elizabeth-Banks

I absolutely love Fat Amy. She’s just hilarious. I loved her scenes with Buster in this film, together they are really funny and sweet. When she realises she loves him she gets on a boat to sail towards him whilst singing even though she could have just walked around the lake. I loved all of her scenes.


If this film does as well as predicted I wouldn’t be surprised if they did another sequel. Maybe a third and final film to close it all out. That would be fun.Genevieve-Rota-news-entertainment-editor1


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