Grey’s Anatomy: Season 11 Finale!


This was probably one of the most subtle finale’s they’ve had on Grey’s and I really do appreciate it after the many downs we’ve had over the course of this season. I think it definitely has been one of the most emotional season’s they’ve ever done, I can’t even remember how many time’s I cried this season. Most Grey’s finale are full of drama and involving at least one of the characters in a dangerous situation but this was completely different. It was just about each character figuring out what they wanted whilst there were 2 patient’s lives on the line,

I did cry again but this time it was only a little tear. It was when Amelia listened to the voice message from Derek before he died. It was so sad and what made it worse was that they had the song How To Save A Life on in the background and even though it was a cover of the song it still got to me.Grey’s Anatomy needs to stop using the songs How To Save A Life and Chasing Cars because whenever they play you know it’s about to get serious and they just get to me every time. Greys-Anatomy-Season-11-Episode-13-38-00f3

I loved the ending because everyone was happy apart from April and Jackson. It was so nice to have a happy ending for a change. It had just been Dr. Webber’s wedding to Jackson’s mum and everyone was enjoying themselves at the reception. Even Meredith was dancing which was nice after what she’s been through. greys-anatomy-8x17-richard-catherine-avery-promo-08

I really hope Meredith doesn’t sell the house because I really like it and I think she should keep it but I do think it will be nice moving her back into her old house where the show first started. If she does move back into her old house I hope Amelia buys the house. 271847875c0bd192640e8175f89224f3

I’m happy for Alex and Jo finally getting a house or I should say loft together. I feel like they need to do something with them two because they’ve just been in the background for like the whole of this season and I miss Alex, he’s one of the originals. w310_93-sneak-alex-686300042197934196

As for April and Jackson, who knows what will happen. She wants to go away again and if she does he’s not going to wait for her. I used to really like this couple and when they got married I started going off them. I do hope they make it work though, I think they do suit each other. april-and-jackson

I am looking forward to season 12 but I need it to be a bit lighter at least the first few episodes. This season has been so emotional. There was the loss of Jackson and April’s baby. There was doctor Herman and her brain tumour which ended up with her loosing her sight. Then there was one of the biggest shocks in TV history when they killed off Derek. One of the main character’s and they managed to keep it a secret right up until it aired. I’m so thankful for a few months break now until the next season. I can now breathe for a bit.derek-shepherd-dead-2

I feel like it’s the end of an era now with the death of Derek. He was a huge part of Grey’s Anatomy and the show won’t be the same without him in it because I don’t think Meredith will ever be the same and I think together them two are what made the show as special as it was. He will be missed.


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