Arrow: Season 3 Finale!


There were a lot of changes in this episode. If it was the end of the show then this would have been a great way to end the whole show. I really hope next season we get to see Arrow again. I know that seems impossible but I hope they make it work somehow because I actually miss seeing the Arrow now.  tumblr_nobcfmpU5a1sjxzs0o1_400

I loved the scenes with Felicity and Oliver. I particularly loved it when Oliver got shot and thrown off the dam and Felicity flew in in Ray’s suit to save him. I also loved it when Oliver told her that he wasn’t going to be the Arrow anymore because he wan’t to be with her so they both packed up and left Starling City together. I’m happy that they’re finally happy but it obviously isn’t going to last.giphy

I’m really not a fan of Ray or the Atom and at the end when his building blew up with him inside, I really wasn’t that bothered and I have a feeling that will be the reason Oliver and Felicity go back to Starling. Arrow-Ray-Palmer-Atom-Suit-Brandon-Routh

Even though this was a season finale I felt like it wasn’t as eventful as the other’s. All the action happened in the first half and then it was all over. Ra’s was killed by Oliver and the City was saved and then the last half of the episode was pretty uneventful. I was hoping for a bit cliffhanger but that didn’t happen. stephen-amell-arrow-s3-finale-thecw I started to like Malcolm Merlyn these past few episodes but now he’s become Ra’s al Ghul so I’ve got a feeling I won’t be liking him next season. I think Malcolm becoming Ra’s was the only shocking part to this finale. I think the mid-season finale where Oliver and Ra’s fought and Oliver lost and got thrown off a cliff was better than this episode.


It was nice seeing Thea in action wearing Roy’s suit, I knew it was going to happen and knew that her name would be Speedy. I think that has been in motion for a long time.tumblr_nobdr1XxGd1sjxzs0o1_400

I don’t know what’s going to happen with Diggle now. Whether her will continure with the team or not. He’s very hurt that Oliver shared his plan with Malcolm instead of him. Also there’s the fact that Oliver kidnapped Diggle’s wife. If he does carry on Oliver told him he needs a mask to protect his identity. I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a long time so I wonder if we’ll get to see it next season. ustv-arrow-s03e10-03

I’m looking forward to the next season and seeing what happens with the flashbacks too as we’re now going into Oliver’s 4th year in hell.


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