The Impossible

I’m not sure if you can say you love this film because it happened in real life and it was such a tragedy but I found this film really interesting to watch because seeing what all the characters go through and realising that the family that it actually happened to went through all that. It’s just horrible to think about all the people who lost their lives.  imp_022_008_fx_f1

The film is based on a family who were in Thailand when an earthquake occurred on boxing day turning into a tsunami. This is based on a real life family and their experiences through surviving this disaster. This natural disaster took place on Boxing Day in 2004. Maria Belon and her family attend the premiere after party by Grey Goose

I find this film very sad, even when they are all brought back together which is the best moment of the film you still can’t help but think about everyone else. The ending is so sad when they’re in the aeroplane and you can see down on what’s left behind. It’s just a real tear jerker of a film.


This film delivers some amazing performances particularly from Naomi Watts and Tom Holland. Ewan McGregor is great to but he’s only in half of it. Naomi Watts earned herself an Oscar nomination. I think Tom Holland who played Lucas, the boy who helped his mum throughout it all, was fantastic, he was   brilliant to watch. article-2276749-14FB480B000005DC-246_632x387


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