Now Is Good

This is such a good film. Yes it’s another cancer story but it’s very funny as well which makes it a little easier to watch. I do love My Sister’s Keeper but it’s very serious which makes it really sad. I loved The Fault in Our Stars because that had some comical moments a bit like this film.

The film is about a young girl named Tessa who is suffering from Leukaemia and she makes a list of all the things she wants to do before she dies including losing her virginity. Starring Dakota Fanning, Jeremy Irvine and Kaya

This film should most definitely make you cry. I’m glad for the soundtrack that they used Ellie Goulding songs because I felt like her voice fit perfectly into this stunning story and gave the film a beautiful edge.  The scenery shots were also beautiful which fit well with the story because it makes you think about life and even though you might be suffering it’s still a beautiful life. A precious life that no one should take for granted. I recommend this film to anyone who has seen either My Sister’s Keeper or The Fault in Our

The film is based on the novel Before I Die by Jenny Downham.


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