Orphan Black: Season 3 Episode 4


Another fantastic episode. I’m still not sure whether to trust Mark or not yet. Sarah helped save him and then he sort of helped her out. I really liked seeing them both work together this episode and I would love to see more. After all they are brother and sister.


I love the twists and turns that this show dishes out. It’s just fantastic and keeps you on your toes. The revelation of this weeks episode was that Johansson had a son and the son is the cure for the disease the clones have. However, the son is dead so Sarah has to dig him up.

One thing I find hard with the male clones is remembering whose who. The only one I can remember is Mark but he was in the previous season too unlike the other male clones. When one appears like at the end of the episode and he was going to kill Sarah, I had no idea which one he was. orphan-black-season-3-project-castor-cast-poster

One sweet moment happened in this episode which included Helena and one o the male clones. She found him whilst trying to escape and she found him being tested on with half his brain open for her to see. That was a pretty disturbing scene and I felt really sorry for him. He asked her to end his life, to set him free and she reassured him that she’ll do it and that’s when she stuck a scalpel into his brain and killed him. I’m glad she did that, it was one of the nicest things she’s ever done for someone.


Next weeks episode looks good with Sarah being locked up in the same place as Helena. At least now she knows where Helena is. Hopefully they can help each other and somehow escape. I can’t help feel that Mark has betrayed Sarah because at the end of this weeks episode it ended with him saying that he can’t leave any loose ends so I’m thinking he’s the one that locks her away.OrphanBlack2

The ratings for this show have been really low and are still very low. I think this show is very underrated. It’s so good and not many people know about it which is a shame because it’s one of the best shows on TV right now. I was surprised that it got renewed for season 2 and then season 3 with the ratings being as low as they are but I’m so glad it did. I would be devastated if this show ever got cancelled.


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