Grey’s Anatomy: Season 11 Episode 23

Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed for a 12th season!


This episode was an unemotional one which I’m thankful for, I think my eyes are still stinging from lats week. It wasn’t nice to see Amelia blame Meredith for not allowing her to say goodbye to Derek before he dies which I sort of have to agree with. I feel sorry for Amelia but hopefully they can both get past it. greys-anatomy-still-of-dr-amelia-shepherd-caterina-scorsone

People have been speculating online that Meredith and Alex have gotten really close this season and some of the comments are saying that they will get together. I really hope they don’t, I really can’t imagine it. I don’t think it would feel right if they got together I really hope it doesn’t happen. I’m not a huge fan of Jo she doesn’t really have a personality but I prefer him with her than Meredith.683062_1302134069857_full

I’m a bit worried about Maggie because at the end of the episode she seemed really upset whilst on the phone to her mother. I hope none of her family were involved in the falling bridge that brought loads of patients into the hospital this episode. maggie-pierce-greys-anatomy-season-11-episode-2

The ending of this episode was brilliant, I can’t wait for the finale next week. There is a patient that is in really danger and I really hope he survives. He’s just become a father so I hope he’s going to be ok.


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