Arrow: Season 3 Episode 22


Another fantastic episode, I can’t believe how good it is at the minute. I’m so glad Roy was back in this episode but now he’s gone again. I loved his scenes with Thea. They were very sweet. I loved the ending where he left her a note along with his arsenal jacket so I’m guessing she will now take his place by wearing his suit.arrow

This episode it was revealed that Oliver was in fact still Oliver but he is working with Malcolm Merlyn to take down the league. I knew he wouldn’t really be brainwashed I was expecting something like this to happen. At the end Malcolm told Ra’s that Oliver is still Oliver but I don’t think he betrayed him, I think they’ve got it all planned out. arrow-season-3-episode-22

I can’t believe Oliver and Nyssa are married. I’m so annoyed about that and I felt so sorry for Felicity when she found out they were getting married. Also at the end of the episode Oliver locked Felicity, Diggle, Laurel and Malcolm in a room and released the deadly virus and they all collapsed in a heap, making it look like they were dead. I think Oliver switched the vile with something else to make it look like they’re dead because he’s obviously not going to kill them. I can’t wait for the finale next week to see how it all plays out.TZFavN6

Some parts were quite sad this week. It was sad when Akio died but I knew that was coming. Then when Tatsu killed Maseo, I really didn’t want that to happen. I feel sorry for them both after losing their son and I wanted them to get a happy ending. I can’t believe she actually killed him but it was sweet their last conversation as he was dying. Especially when she sang to him like she did with their son when he was dying. arrow-season-3-episode-19-broken-arrow-spoiler

Oh my god next week’s finale episode looks so intense. The Flash is going to be in it so hopefully they will all be able to take Ra’s down. I can’t wait for the finale but after I’ve seen it the wait for season 4 is going to feel like forever. Season 3 has been bigger and better in my opinion so hopefully they will be able to top it with season 4.



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