Secrets and Lies: Season 1 Finale


I’ve finally gotten round to watching the finale which aired on Sunday. I found this episode really sad. So we find out who the killer is and I’m not exactly shocked. I had a feeling it would be Abby after last weeks episode. I can’t believe they made it to be her though with her being the victim’s brother and only being 12 years old. After it was revealed she was the murderer she was really sick, especially the comment she made at the end. She actually planned to kill Tom and hit him over the head 6 times just because she thought his mum would move away and then her family would stay together.1400.5x2

After being cleared of the murder Ben obviously turned himself in and confessed to protect his daughter but his eldest daughter wasn’t happy about it and wanted to tell the truth. After the episode finished there was an online short episode which showed Cornell confront Natalie and get her to stand trial to testify against her sister and she agreed to do it. After that Cornell is seen approaching Abby and her mum and we suspect that she was there to arrest her for the murder of Tom. Also in this short episode it was made out like Ben had died in prison. ezgzmt

I hated   Cornell throughout this show but when she stated to figure out who the real killer was she became a lot more likeable. I really liked her in this episode, her personality came out for the fist time. I liked the scene when she was trying to persuade Ben to tell the truth and admit that it wasn’t him because she thinks his daughter will kill again.JULIETTE LEWIS

I have really enjoyed this TV show and would love a second season even if he is dead. I think it could survive without him. There was a rumour that it would be an anthology series a bit like American Horror Story, so main characters wouldn’t need to return. I do hope it gets picked up, I want more.


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