Grey’s Anatomy: Season 11 Episode 23 and 24


This two hour episode gave me all the feels. So much happened in this episode. It took place over the course of a year which I understand why people could be annoyed by but I thought it was a beautiful episode. Truly heartbreaking. So many things changed.

The first half of the episode wasn’t that eventful and really wasn’t emotional. Meredith went away and Amelia just kept making jokes about her brothers death and never cried. Owen went off back to war and took April with him leaving Jackson behind. I’m glad they both eventually came back after months and months away. I felt sad for Jackson because he was just left on his own and especially at Christmas.

The first time I cried was when Callie started crying because she was helping a guy walk again and the reason he could walk again was because of Derek and she sort of had a little breakdown. That was sad.

When Owen came back and went to see Amelia and she told him that she had drugs in her pocket and that she was going to take them but he managed to talk to her and once he got the drugs she had a complete breakdown and just collapsed in his arms and started to scream in agony. I cried so much at that part. It was heartbreaking to watch. I know it’s only a show but it’s been 11 years and if you didn’t cry then there’s something wrong with you.

We didn’t see Meredith for ages in this episode but when we finally did it was revealed that she was pregnant. That was horrible because Derek wanted another baby but he’s dead so he’ll never know. As this episode took place over 1 year Meredith had the baby towards the end and had a baby girl and named it Ellis after her mother which was really touching.

What I loved about this episode was all the flashbacks to her mother and Derek. It was really nice but sad to watch them. It was very beautifully written and acted this episode. I think it’s the most emotional episodes of any show I have ever seen. My eyes were stinging by the end. I hope they don’t make Meredith move on at least not soon anyway. I’m not even sure if there will be a season 12 after this but I hope there is there’s still so much to be told in my opinion.

I wish they’d stop putting Chasing Cars into their episode, it always sets me off. I finally stopped crying and pulled myself together and then Meredith came home with the kids and then that song came on and I started crying again. The scenes that showed when the song was playing were really emotional. There was one showing Meredith putting on Derek’s scrub hat and we see her finally going back to work. There were also scenes of her laying in bed and looking at her husbands side where he will never sleep again. I just can’t believe he’s gone I feel so bad for her, they were supposed to be together forever. The episode ended with her saying in a voice over whilst going back to work is “All I have to do is begin”. Then the episode ended and that was it.

A lot of people have been complaining about the episode and the fact that he’s dead but I personally thought it was well done. I really enjoyed it and it did what it was meant to do which was make people cry and mourn the loss of the character. It was great. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I did feel like Christina should have been brought back for this episode to help her friend through this difficult time. That would have been a nice thing to see. I think next week is going to be another emotional one as we see Amelia tell Meredith that she could have saved her brother and that she never got to say goodbye to him because she turned the machines off.


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