Secrets and Lies: Season 1 Episode 9


This episode was the most intense one yet. It was full of surprises. It turns out that Jess has Bipolar and has been on medication but she’s not currently taking them. When she’s not on her medication she has violent outbursts, so could she have killed her own son?NATALIE MARTINEZ

I don’t think so. At the minute she’s the main person to suspect, it’s all pointing towards her. She has the blue jacket that the killer wore. It was also revealed that she’d had another child before Tom, who also died. I don’t think it will be her because it’s too obvious.1200.2x1

We know the killer is now female and the cop knows who it is but then the episode ended. The other suspect is Chrissy, Ben’s wife but I think that’s obvious now too. If the show is going to surprise us then I think it’s going to be Ben’s youngest daughter Abby. She’s missing at the minute and it feels a bit suspicious. I think she could have been the one to do it but we’ll have to wait and see until the season finale next week.1400.5x2-1

I also think it could be Ben’s eldest daughter, Natalie because she’s not really been that involved with it all and is always just in the background really, so I think it could turn out to be her. I think it would be a bigger shock if it was her because she seems the least likely.1400.5x2


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