Grey’s Anatomy: Season 11 Episode 21

Episode Title – How To Save A Life.

That was the saddest episode ever! I cannot believe what just happened, it was a huge shock.


 Derek Shepherd is dead! He has been in it from the very first episode, it’s been 11 years and he’s now gone, he’s dead. I never saw it coming. The episode the way it was set up from the beginning you just knew it was going to be a powerful one and that something bad was going to happen. Greys-Anatomy-season-11-episode-21-airs-tonight-feature1-888x456

I was glad with the way he went out, very heroically. He saved everyone after witnessing a car crash but then got into a car crash himself. The voice over from him when he was being treated in the hospital was a really nice way to do it. I hope in the next episode or one in the future he does another voice over like it’s him looking down on his family that he’s left behind. That would be a touching episode.

His final moments were sad when Meredith were sat beside him and they were turning off his life support machine and they had a cover from the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. That was just heartbreaking. I didn’t cry but I’m sure many people did. He’s been a huge part of the show for 11 years, I wonder how it will cope without him.greys-anatomy-ending-scene-derek-dies

I think I might cry in the next episode though. Everyone finds out Derek’s dead and it’s his funeral. The episode is going to be 2 hours long.


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