Arrow: Season 3 Episode 20

This was a beautiful episode, it was just so perfect and emotional. I don’t know how many times I wanted to cry or actually cried.

*Contains spoilers*

I’m just going to jump straight into Oliver and Felicity. I’ve been waiting for this episode for what feels like ages. I’m so happy they finally got together and that she told him she loved him for the first time. At the end of the episode Oliver stayed in Nanda Parbat to become the next Ra’s al ghul and Felicity left with the others. It was nice to finally see them together but I want more.arrow-olicity

I loved Felicity in this episode, she was on fire. She stood up to Ra’s and fought back when they were trying to escape. It was so nice to see this side of her again. I particularly loved it when she drugged Oliver just so she could take him back to Starling to stop him becoming the next Ra’s.ARR320A_0415b-700x400

I actually liked Malcolm in this episode with him helping them and everything. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Thea storyline will play out. She seemed fine at the end of the episode but I’m guessing something will change about her. The Fallen

I went really off Maseo the past few episodes as he was helping Ra’s but this episode reminded me why I really liked the character. When he decided to help the team escape Ra’s, he redeemed himself but I hope he doesn’t start being horrible again. images

As the lazarus pit restored Thea’s life and with the rumours that Sara Lance is going to appear in the next crossover episodes I’m wondering whether they will bring her back to life with the pit.The-Fallen-740x431

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