127 Hours

I loved this film. I’ve always wanted to watch it but I’ve been too nervous thinking it would be really hard to watch him cutting his arm off but it wasn’t that bad to watch. Obviously it would be extremely painful to cut off your own arm but it wasn’t as cringy as I expected it to be. vlcsnap-1249

James Franco is magnificent in this one man show. I love him but I’ve only ever seen him do comical roles so it was a surprise for me when I found out he was in this film. He played the role exceptionally well though, a great performance. I particularly love the bits where he starts to become lucid and losing his sanity, it was just great to watch the way it was done was just beautiful.haggard

You feel really sorry for Aron Ralston because it’s a true story and he actually went through this traumatic experience. After I watched the film I went on to YouTube and watched the footage of the real Aron Ralston when he was trapped when he recorded a message and it was really daunting and scary. I couldn’t imagine being in a situation like that.hqdefault

I loved the ending to the film it just makes you feel really emotional. You can’t believe he actually lasted 5 days down there and is now able to go home to his family.


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