Orphan Black: Season 3 Episode 2

*Contains spoilers*

Another great episode. I feel really sorry for Helena, she’s being examined by the male clones mother and they’ve told her that her own sister, Sarah was the one that sold her which isn’t true. I hope Sarah finds her soon. Orphan-Black-Season-3-trailer-helena-860x442

It was really sad to watch Sarah send Kira away. There’s still so many questions around that child so she’ll be back I’m sure. I like Cal so I’m glad she’s gone with him, hopefully they won’t run into any trouble but then this is Orphan Black so anything can happen.Sarah_Kira_Orphan_Black_Season_2_Episode_4

One of the male clones, Seth was going a bit crazy in this episode. His brother called it glitching so I’m interested in finding out why they glitch. Seth was killed by his brother so that the pain of glitching would stop. I really enjoy watching these male clones, they’re very evil and it freshens up the show. Mark and Gracie were back in this episode and he was seen burning off his tattoo. I want to know what it means.Castor-Clone-Seth-2-615x410

I love watching Alison and Donnie, they’re hilarious but I do miss alcoholic Alison sometimes. They brought up the dead body they buried in their garage this episode which I’m glad about. I didn’t want it to never be mentioned again. They’re having financial trouble so they’re resulting in becoming drug dealers which I can’t wait to see.orphan-black-season-3-episode-2-tatiana-maslany-kristian-bruun-600x400

I’ve really gone off Paul. I really liked him in the first season but then he sort of went over to the other side. It sometimes feels like he cares about Sarah but the things he does just show that he actually doesn’t care. His character has seemed really pointless for a while now but this season they’ve sort of brought mystery around him. OrphanBlack-WTFmoment-1024x576


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