At The Devils Door

A young real estate women is hired to sell the house of a couple whose daughter ran away. When the real estate women see’s the daughter she tries to help her only to discover sinister and supernatural things were happening. The real estates sister also get’s brought into the situation.

*Contains spoilers*

This film started with a game that made the daughter go psycho and end up killing herself. What I didn’t understand is why the family made her play the game which made strange things begin to happen. Although I didn’t really understand, I really enjoyed this film. It was quite scary in places and had a couple of surprising twists at the end which were enjoyable. It was also very creepy.Home-1-620x400-at-the-devils-door-620x400It’s hard to see where the film is headed whilst watching it, which is a good thing because it makes it unpredictable. I recommend watching it if you’ve seen Paranormal Activity. They’re very different films but have the same elements.


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