Grey’s Anatomy: Season 11 Episode 20

*Contains spoilers*

This was a really good episode. There was another plane crash and it brought back memories of when Meredith, Arizona, Derek, Christina, Lexie and Mark were in a plane crash. In this episode we saw Meredith and Arizona deal as it brought things back for them. It was harder for Meredith because Derek is missing at the minute so she was freaking out. Owen also had some issues to deal with this episode because he was the one who sent everyone on that plane that crashed so he feels it was his fault.

ERIC DANE, ELLEN POMPEO, PATRICK DEMPSEYIn this episode it was revealed that it wasn’t Callie who chopped off Arizona’s leg, it was in fact Alex but it was Callie’s decision. The scene between Callie and Arizona after she found out it wasn’t her who chopped off her leg was really sweet. greys-anatomy-season-11-spoilers_1  At the end of the episode Derek is still missing and Meredith is stood in her window and there are flashing lights outside. I didn’t really know what to think because I doubt that he would be dead and after seeing the promo for next week I was right. In the promo there is a car crash and many people are injured and Derek is the only one there so it shows him trying to save everyone. I’m really looking forward to it, it looks like it’s going to be a powerful episode.


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