Arrow: Season 3 Episode 19

*Contains spoilers*

This episode was brilliant and shocking but I’m annoyed with Roy’s departure. I’m a huge fan of the character and of Colton Haynes who plays him. He was in the TV show Teen Wolf where I first saw him acting and I became a fan then and when he left I was thrilled that he was joining Arrow but now he’s left that too. Online it says he returns for one more episode of Arrow and may appear in the spin off show The Flash but I just want him to stay on Arrow. Hopefully he’ll return for good one day.

I was happy though with the way he went out. Rather than killing him off he went out as a hero and that’s what his character deserved, he’s done so much for the team.

The MagicianI was hoping this was the episode where Felicity and Oliver would get together but it looks like that’s going to be next week as it’s shown in the promo. I’m really looking forward to that but I hope they’re actually going to get together, I’ve waited for so long.

arrowI was so shocked at the ending of this episode. I was not expecting Ra’s to kill Thea. With Roy gone and Thea not looking good it was a pretty emotional episode but it looks like Thea is resurrected in next weeks episode which shall be interesting. I really didn’t want them to kill off her character because I’ve never been overly keen on her but this season she’s had some much needed development and become a lot more likeable.

arrow-season-3-midseason-finaleI hated it when we were told Roy was dead but I really didn’t believe that he was and he wasn’t, thank god. I loved it when it was revealed that Roy, Felicity and Diggle were in on it all together and had planned it all along it was nice to see them doing something for Oliver for a change. I’m annoyed that they didn’t tell Thea that he’s actually alive and he never even said goodbye to her. Hopefully in the one Arrow episode he has left they will say their goodbyes.

AR319B_0110bThere’s a lot of stuff floating around on the internet that Sara is coming back and I don’t want her to come back. I’m not a huge fan of her and she’s now supposedly been dead twice it’s getting a bit repetitive. Also, things have happened since her death like Laurel becoming the new canary so if Sara does come back, what will happen to Laurel. Thea thinks she’s responsible for her death. Finally, I don’t think captain Lance could take it if she came back and then ended up dying again.

Sara-deadI wonder when we are going to meet Oliver’s so because in the first season it was revealed that he got a girl pregnant but his mother, Moira paid her off and she moved away and pretended that the baby died. In one of The Flash episodes he bumped into her and they had a brief conversation and when Oliver left she was seen ringing her child to say she’ll be home with some hot chocolate soon. So, I’m curious as to when they are going to bring the son into it but I don’t think it’s going to be this season now unless it’s the finale. The makers of the show has revealed that this finale of season 3 is one of their best episodes yet. Saying there are a lot of twists and shocks.

Oliver_Queen's_child's_motherSo, other than the departure of Roy, this episode was really good. I can’t wait for next week to see what happens with Thea and then with Felicity and Oliver. 


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