The Apparition

A young couple move into a home where strange things start to happen. They soon realise they are being haunted and try to fight to get rid of whats haunting them. This proves to be difficult when they move away from the house and the presence has followed them because it’s not the house that’s haunted, it’s something else or I should say someone else. Starring Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, Luke Pasqualino and Tom Felton.

There are a few scenes that make you jump but other than that It’s just a regular horror film that has very little shock factor. I did enjoy this film but it’s not something I would rave about or watch again. There just wasn’t anything original about it. If you thing of all the horror cliché’s then this film definitely fits into all of them and doesn’t go outside them which is what’s disappointing.

*Contains spoiler*

I liked the ending, it was quite freaky but then it ended and there was no closure about the presence, which didn’t really matter with this film because they all die so you don’t need closure but in some films that can be quite annoying.


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