I’ve finally gotten round to watching this film. It was so popular but I just never fancied it but I decided to watch it to see what all the fuss was about but I didn’t get it to be honest. I don’t understand what was so good about the film. There are many others out there that are similar. I found it quite slow to start with and then it just became predictable.

insidious_2__spanI was quite surprised to see Rose Byrne in it, I’ve only ever seen her in comedies but she played her part really well. Patrick Wilson, who plays the father, looked a lot like Chris Pratt in my opinion, throughout the film I couldn’t help thinking about it. Chris Pratt is on the left as you look at the photo and Patrick Wilson is on the right:B3aTH9wCQAEOlZd

I wouldn’t ever watch this film again and I won’t be watching the sequels. It was just the storyline that didn’t quite grip me but everything else was spot on.


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