After the death of her best friend, Laine recruits her friends in order to find out what really happened to her friend by contacting her spirit with a Ouija board. What could possibly go wrong? With them being killed off one by one, Laine must figure out how to get rid of the spirits before it’s too late.
hero_Ouija-2014-1I did really enjoy this film and I knew all of the main cast from other work so I was a fan of all of them. I do feel like the trailer made it out like it was going to be really scary but in my opinion it wasn’t that scary. There are a few bits that make you jump but other than that it’s a really enjoyable film. There a few really good moments in this film.

Lin-Shaye-in-Ouija-Movie-2014If you’ve seen Teen Wolf or Bates Motel then I recommend watching it simply because an actress from each of these shows were in this film.


2 thoughts on “Ouija

  1. Chris Cuthbert says:

    I had high hopes for this when I saw it about a month ago but found it corny & not at all frightening… I then watched the sequel which I thought was a drastic improvement although I didn’t sit through the entire thing yet but instead skipped around it. I’ll give it a whirl from beginning to end soon.

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