Critical is a medical TV show which focuses on just 1 patient in each episode. The staff have to treat the patient and the first hour of treatment is vital and determines whether the patient lives or dies.

This medical drama is different from other medical dramas because it just focuses on one patient and only the patient. It doesn’t focus on the doctors personal lives, it’s mainly just about the treatment of critical patients. I’m only a few episodes in now but there’s some pretty horrible injuries. If you’re gonna watch it you need to have a strong stomach and maybe don’t eat whilst watching it.

I wasn’t sure about it at first because I didn’t know if I could get into it with it just focusing on the patient but it’s actually really interesting. There’s only been 7 episodes so far but there are 13 in total. The ratings are very low and keep dropping with every episode so I’m not holding my breath for another season but I’m just really enjoying it at the minute.


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