Arrow: Season 3 Episode 18

*Contains spoilers*

This episode was absolutely amazing. The first 10-15 minutes were so intense watching the team try to escape the clutches of the police. Arrow just keeps getting better.


When Ray told Felicity that he loved her and she couldn’t say it back I was so happy because she still loves Oliver. It was nice to see her mother again in this episode, I find her quite amusing and lightens up all these dark moods that the characters are in with everything that’s gone on.


On to the more serious stuff, Captain Lance is starting to frustrate me. I know his daughter died again but he used to be on the Arrow’s side and now he’s done a completely 360 and is now totally against him. He needs to make his mind up. Ra’s al Ghul revealed to Lance that Oliver is the Arrow so now the whole city know his identity. Oliver decided to turn himself in but the ending was very touching when Roy dressed as the Arrow revealed that he’s actually the Arrow in order to set Oliver free. It was a nice move but I like Roy so I hope they manage to get him out somehow. Thea’s not going to be very happy when she finds out what he’s done.


I’ve seen spoiler photos from the next crossover episode with the Flash and it shows Oliver dressed as Ra’s al Ghul so I’m wondering if he takes up his offer to become the new leader of assassins because Ra’s is the one who’s turned the whole city against him. I really hope they manage to get out of all this mess somehow.

I was glad that the flashbacks followed on from the episode two weeks ago because I was dying to know if that was Shadow or not but obviously it wasn’t, she was shot in the head. It was Shadows twin sister. The twin sister doesn’t seem to have any relevance to the present story or the flashback so I felt like there was no need to create a twin sister but we’ll see if she shows up again or not.

Next week’s episode is titled Broken Arrow and the promo looks so good but it’s the 65th episode and that cast have been tweeting that it was emotional to shoot some of the scenes in the episode and there have been rumours of someone leaving so I’m excited to see this next episode but I’m nervous to see if anyone leaves and if they do who it will be. I hope it’s not Roy seen as he will probably be in prison next episode.


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