Grey’s Anatomy: Season 11 Episode 17

*Contains spoilers*

I didn’t enjoy this episode that much. I think it’s because it was mainly about Meredith and Derek and I’m not a huge fan of them anymore. I’ve actually preferred Meredith these past few weeks without him around. I wasn’t even bothered that he kissed someone else whilst in D.C. I liked the story between Owen and his mum and her new boyfriend, she was really sweet and cute. It was very touching seeing the last scene between her and her boyfriend who is a lot younger than her.


It looks like Derek is back for good now. I knew when he returned and Meredith was doing the surgery that the patient was going to die because she hasn’t lost a patient since he left and now he’s back and she lost a patient. It was just predictable. I hope next weeks episode is better. I’ve been really enjoying this season, there’s been a lot of emotional and powerful episodes but this one just didn’t have my full attention unfortunately.


The promo for next week is all about Derek being back and him and his sister dealing with it because they are working together again. I’m on Amelia’s side, I really like her and I like her relationship with Owen. I think they suit each other.


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