Arrow: Season 3 Episode 17

*Contains Spoilers*

I was happy to see Lyla and Diggle get married but it just went downhill from there. I always feel guilty because when they both work with the suicide squad which includes Deadshot, the man who murdered Diggle’s brother, I always like him even though he’s a killer. He’s a fun character and when he’s nice to Diggle, I like that. In this episodes the flashbacks were of Deadshot and his wife and daughter which were really sweet until he flipped out and pointed a gun at his wife. It was nice seeing his background because I’ve always been curious. I was happy that he sacrificed himself so that Diggle and Lyla could go home to their little girl. I thought it was very selfless. We finally know the name of the woman who had Diggle’s brother murdered! I wonder if we’ll be seeing her again.


I really like Maseo’s character but he’s turned on Oliver so I don’t think I’ll be liking him anymore. I’m hoping the flashbacks in next weeks episodes follow on from last week because we still don’t know what happens to Maseo and Tatsu’s son and it was left on a cliffhanger when we saw Shadow again but we don’t know if it was really her or not.


I really don’t like Felicity and Ray together, it really annoys me. I hope it ends soon. I think I’d like him if he wasn’t with her. I’m glad he’s now not against the Arrow but Lance still think’s he’s guilty and next weeks episode see’s him trying to capture the Arrow. I’m annoyed that he’s gone back to the place of hating Arrow because I enjoyed their friendship but hopefully once he’s dealt with his grief he’ll realise what he’s done and put things right.



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