Pretty Little Liars: Season 5 Finale!

I was so excited and scared to watch this episode because this was the episode that A would be revealed. The person who has been torturing the liars for years. I’ve waited five years and five seasons for this moment and I’m more confused than ever. I know who A is but I don’t.


It was revealed in this episode that Jason might have a twin brother and the twin brother is A. We also know the name of A who is called Charles. At the beginning of the episode when the girls were being transported to a different prison they were kidnapped by A. The police found the place where they were kidnapped and Spencer’s dad said that it is Campbell’s cabin so it could have something to do with Andrew Campbell, he could be A and also Jason’s twin.


Another shock in the finale was that Mona is still alive. Although it wasn’t really a big shock for me. I feel like this show builds everything way up and then when it reveals the big stuff it’s not actually that much of a shock. Like they were saying A will be revealed in this episode, well he hasn’t just the name and the name means nothing to us. I thought A was going to be someone we knew but if it is Jason’s twin then I feel a bit let down.


This is my favourite PLL episode though. It really stepped up for me. After the girls were kidnapped they woke up in their own bed only it wasn’t their own beds it was a giant size dollhouse and they are trapped there whilst A watches them through cameras. It was such a good episode and I can’t wait fir next season but I hope we do see the face of A soon because I’m getting a bit fed up.

spencer-in-525Pretty Little Liars returns for season 6 in June.


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