Chasing Life: Season 1 Finale!

*Contains spoilers*

I love this show and this episode was so emotional. April found out that her cancer has returned but this time it’s even worse and only has 2-6 weeks to live unless she get’s treated straight away. When she had a breakdown about her cancer returning it was so emotional watching her flip out.

We know that Brenna is giving a bone marrow transplant to someone and in this episode we got to see who it was. They both don’t know each other but by coincidence at the end of the episode they’re both buying a coffee at the same place. I’m looking forward to seeing how this story plays out because we’ve been introduced to this new character and we’ve been made to feel for him. I hope he’s in season 2 and I want him and Brenna to finally meet.

Chasing Life Brenna 2

I loved the end of this episode when April was in hospital and Leo proposed to her. It was really sweet and unexpected coming from him. I think his character has really progressed and changed in a good way because at the beginning of the series I would never have thought of him as the marrying type. The episode didn’t feature their wedding though some I’m looking forward to that in season 2.

April Leo


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