The Spectacular Now

I wanted to watch this film because I’m a huge fan of Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller but I really didn’t enjoy it. In fact I turned it off after half an hour. It really frustrated me the way they shot it. They did loads of long shots so you couldn’t see their faces for a lot of the time. It was also very static, it stayed on the same shot for ages and didn’t move to another one for quite a while, it was just very frustrating. It makes it hard to watch because you can’t see their facial expressions and it’s hard to watch something that is very static.


It could have gotten a lot better if I’d carried on watching it but I just couldn’t get into it and that’s simply down to the camera work. I’ve read a lot of reviews for this film saying that it’s really good and the performances are great but unfortunately I didn’t get that far to witness that. I’m sure the performances were great because Woodley and Teller are great. They’re both in the Divergent series. My favourite Miles Teller film is Footloose, although I did love him in Whiplash, I just found him hilarious in Footloose. I used to watch a TV show called The Secret Life of The American Teenager which Shailene Woodley was the main character. That show was before any of her major films.


I don’t think I will ever give this film another go, it’s just not for me.


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