The Divergent Series: Insurgent!

I’m so excited! This film was just amazing, I want to see it again already. The graphics were amazing and the ending is so good. I’ve read the book and I loved it and I do think books are always better than films because they explain everything in more detail but I did prefer the ending in the film than the book. If you haven’t read the book and don’t know what happens then the ending will shock you.

*Contains Spoilers*

What I like about the book are the side characters, like I’m a huge fan of Uriah but he isn’t even in the first film and he’s barely in the second one. I also like his brother Zeke but he hasn’t been in either films. The other side character I like from the books is Marlene and in the book she dies and it’s very sad but in the film she dies and no one really cares. I understand that the book has a lot of characters and they can’t feature everyone in the film but I do think Uriah should play more of a part in the films.

I hate Caleb! I don’t understand why he would betray his sister like that, I keep hoping that it will all turn out that he was doing something good in the end but I doubt it. I’m still yet to read the third book but I can’t wait. A lot of the book was cut out in this film but most of what happened in the film happened in the book, some bits just happened differently. I always dislike it when films stray too far from the books but I’m satisfied with how they’ve done this.

One thing I loved about the film is the graphics, they were amazing. Like when she smashed the glass and when she was fighting herself and the walls and floor crumpled into little bits and flew away. I just loved it.

I like that in the film Tris and Four don’t argue because in the book they spent the whole time arguing. I preferred Four in this film a lot more than in the first one. I don’t know if I should but I’ve started to like Peter because he helps them both in this film but I still don’t trust him, he keeps changing sides.

I’m interested in how the final films will play out because now that Janine is dead and Eric there isn’t an enemy, I was surprised when I read that Janine died because normally the evil person stays alive until the very end film. However, I have a feeling that the new enemy will be Four’s mum, Evelyn.

I’m just so excited, I love this franchise!


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