Waterloo Road Series!

As this series has now finished for good after 10 seasons I’ve decided to do a review of the whole show and discuss some of the best moments. Waterloo Road is a British television drama serious that first aired in 2006. It’s about a school that’s called Waterloo Road and follows the lives of the pupils and staff. The show tackled all sorts of issues including: drink driving, underage driving, bullying, homosexuality, marital problems, exclusion, teenage pregnancy, death, sexual harassment, mental illness and suicide. This blog contains spoilers from all 10 seasons.

Season 1:    Cast_of_WR_series_1
I remember the very first episode like it was yesterday. At the end of the episode some of the students decided to go for a joyride in a limousine and obviously this being a drama they crashed. One of the students died and the rest had to face up to the consequences. I loved the first episode, it already had so much drama. Donte Charles (Adam Thomas) is the student driving the limousine when it crashes. Other pupils included Donte’s girlfriend Chlo Grainger (Katie Griffiths), who was the one who distracted him when they crashed. As well as being underage, they were all under the influence of alcohol. Throughout the season Donte has to face up to what he did by going to court for his crime and possibly going to jail.


Lewis Seddon is another pupil who attends the school and is always getting into trouble. He bullies another pupil and sexually harasses teacher Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin).


This season also explores the breakdown of the marriage of Tom Clarkson (Jason Done) and Lorna Dickey (Camilla Power). These are both English teachers at the school, their marriage was short-lived because he loved the drama teacher Izzie Redpath (Jill Halfpenny). I really couldn’t stand Lorna she was the most annoying character on the show. I always wanted Tom and Izzie to be together. The season ends on a cliffhanger with Lorna stood by a canal and takes a step closer to the edge looking like she is about to end her life.


My favourite part of the first season was the crash in the first episode because it was such a dramatic way to start off the series. It came with it lots of drama and set up lots of drama for the first season which had only 8 episodes.

Season 2:Wp2-p1-1440
Lorna survived her suicide attempt when two guys jumped into the canal and saved her. She later learned that she had multiple sclerosis and ends up attempting suicide and actually commits it this time. Izzie and Tom are together still and are expecting a baby but Izzie later looses the baby when she is pushed by Lorna. Izzie’s eldest daughter Mika gets bullied this season and takes a load of pills but Izzie and Tom find her in time to make her spit them out. She eventually stands up to her bully and comes out the other side.


A new pupil named Brett Aspinall (Tom Payne) arrives and enrolls in the school only to start a relationship with the school’s secretary Davina Shackleton. They are eventually caught out by the head teacher, Jack Rimmer (Jason Merrells) as he was also seeing her.


In the finale Izzie Redpath is stabbed and killed whilst drying to help head teacher Jack in a fight. This was really sad because she has two children and she and Tom were happy together. We got to know her through these first two seasons and it was just horrible seeing her die in Jack’s arms. We didn’t know if she actually died or not until season 3. This season had 12 episodes.


   Season 3:982a737f-5f2e-4b07-bca8-26a21bcb1172
One of the plots this season is the marriage between pupils Chlo Grainger and Donte Charles. However this is short lived as she cheats on him with her sister’s boyfriend Brett. With everyone hating her for sleeping with Brett she runs away for Tom to come find her and bring her home. Tom is now Chlo and Mika’s legal guardian after their mother Izzie died.


This season also saw Jack Rimmer resign as head and leave the show after having enough. He was replaced by a new head teacher named Rachel Mason (Eva Pope) who will always be my favourite head teacher of the show. She played the head teacher for the longest and she was by far the best in my opinion.


In the finale there was a fire that spread throughout the school. Racher was trapped under loads of rubble and Davina was trapped with a load of students trying to escape. Chlo was trapped in the bathroom but Tom and Donte rescued her. The fire was my favourite part for this season, it was very dramatic. This season consisted of 20 episodes.


Season 4:Waterloo Road : S4
A new family is introduced in this season and they are a nightmare. This family consists of the mother Rose Kelly who is an alcoholic and her five children. Marley Kelly is the eldest brother, then there’s Earl Kelly. After him there is Sambuca Kelly. Then Denzil and then Prince Kelly. This family brings with them a lot of problems and not just this season.


In episode 8 of this season after getting into a relationship with Earl Kelly, Maxine who is a loved student and lives with Steph Haydock (Denise Welch) who is the French teacher, comes to a dramatic end. She is at home planning something nice for Steph with the help of best friend Janeece Bryant (Chelsee Healey) when Earl arrives because she just broke up with him and isn’t happy about it. Earl brings a gun with him and after a confrontation with Maxine he shoots her. This was one of the most devastating episodes of Waterloo Road. I remember crying, I really liked Maxine she was a really interesting character. If you remember Lewis Seddon from season 1 who sexually assaulted one of the teachers, well they had a relationship which led to Maxine having his baby prior to the series starting but sadly the baby died. I just remember being devastated by her death and Janeece watched it all. Staph came home and held Maxine in her arms as she died. Earl Kelly was arrested for murder.


Another plot this season involves Chlo and Donte after getting back together Chlo finds out she’s pregnant and they renew their wedding vows. They have a baby girl and name her after Chlo’s mum Izzie who died.


In this season you find out a lot more about head teacher Rachel Mason as her sister and nephew arrive. Kim Campbell smuggles a child into the country which causes drama. My favourite part of this season was the finale because instead of just being really dramatic it was an emotional too. A crazy parent drives a tractor through the school tearing it down. This season also had 20 episodes.


Season 5:


This is my favourite season because there were so much drama and some twists. It was a complete shake up for the show this season because a lot of main characters left as you can’t be in school forever because we do grow up eventually and they also brought in loads of new characters. With the school merging with another school it gave them the opportunity for lots of new and fresh faces that brought with it plenty of problems. As two schools became one there were a lot of fights.

New student Lindsey James (Jenna-Louise Coleman) is introduced and forms a close relationship with head teacher Rachel after opening up to her about her father’s death and abuse. Her father started abusing her sexually from the age 11. In the first episode of this season it is revealed that he is dead. The killer is believed to be Lindsey’s mother but in episode 9 Lindsey revealed she was the one that killed him after she’s had enough of all the abuse and didn’t want him to start abusing her little sister. This is one of my favourite storylines.


This season also see’s a strong relationship form between two newcomers Finn Sharkey and Amy Porter. Their relationship becomes intense after Finn’s parents tell him they’re moving and he can’t live without Amy so they run away and he convinces her to commit suicide together. Fortunately the staff get there in time before they can do anything drastic.


In the finale Rachel Mason leaves the show with her new husband. This season had 20 episodes.

Season 6:8acc2654-a64b-4076-a699-8143ffa8bca3
This season see’s the arrival of new head teacher Karen Fisher (Amanda Burton) and her family. Her family consists of two daughters and a son. Her eldest daughter Bex Fisher (Tina O’Brien) has been missing a long time and in episode 10 we see her for the first time. We find out everything that happened to Bex throughout the season and why she ran away.


This season also involves Karen’s son developing an eating disorder, bulimia. The season also involves another student teacher relationship only this time it’s more serious. The teacher gets pregnant and they both agree to get married but they are interrupted by the police and the teacher is taken away in a police car for having a relationship with a student.


After Denzil Kelly flies off the rails and starts to retaliate and prank gone wrong ends in disaster for Finn Sharkey when he rescues Denzil from a falling off a bridge only to fall himself. Luckily he is fine. The season had 20 episodes again. My favourite part in this season was the relationship between Sambuca Kelly and Finn Sharkey.


Season 7:series-7-waterloo-road-21411228-550-382
Now this is the season where the show started going downhill. It wasn’t as dramatic anymore and they never did anything really serious after this season. In this season beloved character Sambuca Kelly discovered she had cancer. She has a brain tumour that is inoperable. She was my favourite character after Chlo and I didn’t want her to die. Episode 6 was really heartbreaking because Finn and her best friend took her to Blackpool for the day and she went home that night only to die in her mothers arms. I cried at this too it was such a sad scene and she was so loved. In this season newcomer Aiden gets two girls pregnant one of whom is the head teachers daughter.  This season had 30 episodes.


 Season 8:47305ced-30e6-486e-ad23-5bb300dba5d0
I really didn’t like this season, the school moved to Scotland and it changed for the worst. It just wasn’t the same anymore. There was the death of Denzil Kelly which was horrible to hear about because his mum Rose lost her son Earl because he got sent to prison for killing Maxine, she lost Sambuca to cancer and then lost him to a car crash.

There’s a new head teacher again, this time a male and some new staff. One of the new staff members is an alcoholic so you see them on their journey to sobriety. There is the introduction to a hearing impaired student. In episode 11 there is a new family that is introduced called the Barry’s. Personally I think the Kelly’s were better. There was the rape of Dynasty Barry and then there’s the loss of Waterloo Road favourite Tom Clarkson who we’ve known from the very first episode. Very sad to see him die. This season also had 30 episodes.


Season 9:Waterloo-63-726x484
Afte r Tom’s death there is only one member of the cast that has been there since the very first episode but in episode six of this season he dies also. This is the season where I’d finally had enough and got really bored of the show so I don’t really know what happens. I think they changed it way too much and they focused on good stuff which is fine but they needed to add some drama because it’s not entertaining otherwise. All the students were good and boring.

Season 10:p027bq8l
It got a little bit more tolerable in this season with the secret relationship between newcomers Tiffany and Justin. It was interesting to watch but she was such a terrible actress. I thought he was bad too but after she left halfway through the season and he was on his own he was a lot better. I think her bad acting made him look bad.


As this was the final season they had a storyline that the school would merge again with another school but they didn’t want to merge with this other school. In the final episode they are safe and do not have to merge. What I liked about the final episode was that at the very end it was silent and you just watched as the camera moved round the different corridors and there were voices of iconic characters from the whole series in the background. I thought it was a really nice touch. I am sad that it’s finished because I really enjoyed the first 7 seasons they were the best but considering how bad it became I think it was bound to happen. I’m hoping though sometime in the future it will return and it will be a new place and a whole new cast. My favourite characters were Chlo, Sambuca and Maxine.


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