Eye Candy Season 1 Finale

Surprisingly I enjoyed this episode. I’ve not really been annoying this show recently but it’s redeemed it’s self. I’m not holding my breath about there being a season 2 but there was quite a lot of closure in the finale so I wouldn’t be too gutted if it got cancelled.


Lindy figured out that Jake was the killer within the first 10 minutes of the show and the first half was really intense and exciting but then it got a bit unrealistic and irrational. As Tommy, the police officer, was trying to find her to save her from Jake he beat someone up and stole something so that they could hack into the city which I thought was a bit unrealistic because they wouldn’t do that for anyone else.

In the end Jake went to prison so if they do do a second season he’ll probably return. Lindy also went in search of her sister and at the end of the episode it was revealed that her sister went away for Lindy and we don’t know why yet so that’s the only unanswered question we’re left with.

Overall this show hasn’t been that great, some episodes were better that others. I think it could have been so much better, the plot and story was fantastic they just didn’t use it to its full potential. When I first heard about the show and saw the trailer I thought it looked great but the trailer is better than the season. I would recommend watching it though. Once you get past the faults it can be quite entertaining.


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