I love stumbling across these sorts of films late at night on Netflix. I hadn’t seen the trailer so I knew nothing about it. It’s about a guy that needs a heart transplant and whilst he’s under anesthetic he is aware of everything that’s going on and can feel the pain of the doctors cutting him open, although his eyes are closed he’s awake but he is completely paralysed. He can’t move or even scream. He can also hear everything that the doctors are saying and he finds out that they’re going to kill him.

I really enjoyed this film, it might not be convincing but it has a strong plot and has some incredible twists. I do like Jessica Alba, she’s a good actress and her portrayal of her character Sam who is the patients wife is excellent, she fools us all. Hayden Christensen, who plays Clay the patient is very good in this. You feel really bad for him especially at the end of the film. The only other film I’ve seen him in is Jumper but I think I’m going to watch some more of his films because I really like him. I really want to watch Takers which also stars Paul Walker so I think that’s next on my list.


Spoilers: The first twist came when Clay was under anesthetic and he was listening to the doctors talk about what they’re going to do with him and then he finds out that his wife of 5 minutes is in on it. She married him just so that they could kill him and inherit all of his fortune and she would share it between the surgeons too. I really didn’t want her to be in on it, I really liked her but it was a really good twist that I didn’t see coming.


The second, not so big, twist came at the end and this one I saw coming. As he didn’t have a heart and the doctors told his mum that he rejected the heart and that there was nothing they could do now, she walks away with his pills that he took for his heart. She takes all of the pills after she’s phoned a different surgeon and kills herself. The surgeon that she called comes to the hospital to find her dead and preps her for surgery. He takes her heart and puts it into her son which he takes to this time and survives.


The film ends where he opens his eyes. You just feel sorry for him because he’s been through something horrific and he knows that the person he loved betrayed him and knows that his mother died so that he can have his heart and with his father dead, he has no one. All the people who were in on the conspiracy were arrested which was good. It was nice to get closure for the audience.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this film as much as I did, I only watched it because there wasn’t anything else that I could find at the time and I’m glad I did. It was great!


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