This film is so simple yet so entertaining and fun to watch. I really thought it was fantastic and this was the first film of Ellen Page’s that I’d seen. It’s fantastic. It’s like a younger version of Knocked Up. The acting and the story and the soundtrack is very fresh.

I’m not a huge fan of Jennifer Garner and would usually avoid films that she’s in but she’s not in this film a right lot so she’s tolerable. J.K. Simmons is a great actor but you don’t really get to see him that much in this film as he’s just the father. I love Ellen Page, she’s fantastic. This is my favourite out of her films but the only other one’s i have seen are:w6BHT7WlGO
X Men
Hard Candy

So I haven’t seen a right lot but I think she’s amazing. Jason Bateman also stars in it and I’m not a huge fan but I think he’s great in Horrible Bosses. Michael Cera is just amazing. I’ve not seen many of his films either but I’m a huge fan. Alison Janney plays Juno’s step mum and she’s a great actress. She currently stars in the ITV sitcom Mum along side Anna Faris which is absolutely hilarious.

The soundtrack is one of my favourite parts about this music because it’s so quirky, fun and fresh. It really brightens up the film and it’s so easy to sing along, the lyrics are so cool. I love the song at the start of the film when she’s walking to the shop and instead of seeing her normally it all looks like drawings which is really cool.


Spoiler alert: When I first watched it I wasn’t sure if she was actually going to keep the baby or not but she didn’t and she gave it up. I found this a nice ending to the film, I’m glad they didn’t end up making her keep it, I think it would have made the character unrealistic. It was just an amazing film, there’s nothing special about it but it’s just fantastic. I’m a huge fan.


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