Grey’s Anatomy: Season 11 Episode 15

*Contains spoilers*

It was another emotional one. There’s an earthquake in Seattle and little girl is stranded in the mountains with her mother who is struggling to breath after a fall. What they did well with this episode is that you never see the little girl with her mother, it’s just the girl’s voice over the phone talking to Owen. They have to talk her through trying to save her mother and she ends up having to stab her in the chest to put a straw in to release some air. It was very sad listening to the little girl. She was talking to them on a mobile phone and the mobile started to go flat but that’s when her mother stops breathing and she has to perform CPR. Whilst she’s doing they the phone goes dead and you’re left wondering what will happen. Later on the mother and little girl arrive at the hospital by helicopter after the call was traced by 911. Luckily the mother pulls through and survives.


There are a few other stories that run in this episode including Meredith being on a running streak having not lost a patient since November, the date which Derek left. She’s had 89 surgeries and all of which has had good outcomes. At the end of the episode Meredith rings Derek only for a woman to answer and the women hangs up after Meredith asks her who she is. The promo for next weeks episode is just this scene of Meredith ringing Derek so I’m thinking next week will be Meredith worrying about whether he’s cheating on her or not.


Derek has been gone for so long now and I might be the only one but I haven’t missed him, it’s actually nice not having him around. I prefer Meredith without him there and I never liked him in the way he treated Amelia like he was better than her. With him gone it’s given her the chance to flourish and progress which has been really enjoyable to watch. I’m not sure when he will return but it will be interesting to see what happens when he does and see how it affects Meredith and Amelia.



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