In this action comedy the team reunite in order to track down a portable nuclear device and we watch as the team have to fight to survive…again! This was a great sequel to the first movie. Still just as funny. However, Morgan Freeman is missing from this one which I don’t mid because I’m not a huge fan but I know a lot of people are and would be disappointing not to see him return. Not many people think this is as good as the first one but I found it highly entertaining and really enjoyed it. I would say I prefer the first one though but first ones are nearly always better than the sequels. If you’ve seen the first one then I would say definitely watch the second one and make up your own mind about it and don’t read or listen what other people may say about it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The casts performance’s lived up to the first film and I think the plot did too. I’m a huge fan of Bruce Willis anyway so I’m bound to love everything he’s in. My favourites of his are obviously the Die Hard films, I love them and I also enjoyed The Expendables’ films. Then there’s Pulp Fiction which is one of the best.

Overall I really enjoyed RED 2 and I would watch it again. I do see why people think the first one is better but 2 is definitely worth watching. It didn’t even gross that much less, the first film grossed: $199,006,387 and the second one grossed: $148.1 million but the second film had a higher budget too.


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