The Wolf of Wall Street

When I first watched this film I didn’t even realise that it was 3 hours long, the plot is so intriguing that you’re just glued to the screen. It was one of the best films to be released in 2013. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie. The film is very funny and entertaining.


I’m a huge fan of Martin Scorsese who directed the film, it’s one of his best and I also think it’s one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best performances. However, my favourite from both of these people is Shutter island. That film was mesmerizing. Margot Robbie arrived in style. I remember watching her when she was on Neighbours and then she landed a role as big as this one starring along side some of the biggest names in hollywood. I think it’s hard to see how talented of an actor someone is watching them on a soap because you never get to see their full potential. I do thin  k she’s very good and I look forward to watching her new film with Will Smith, Focus.



My favourite scene in this movie is when DiCaprio’s character gets high and crawls outside, there’s only a few steps down to the pavement to get to his car but from his point of view the steps are doubled. It’s absolutely hilarious watching him trying to get down the stairs. Then he manages to finally make it into his car and drives home. He manages to get home without a scratch on his car or so he thinks. When the police pick him up he see’s the car all smashed up and then it shows the audience how he really drove him crashing into everything. It was just so funny.


My second favourite scene was between DiCaprio and Hill’s characters at the end of the film when Jordan (DiCaprio) asks Donnie (Hill) if he wants a beer and tells him its non alcoholic and Donnie doesn’t seem to understand what that means so they get into a conversation about non alcoholic beer. There are some great moments in this film. I understand that the 3 hour running time can put people off but it’s definitely worth it, even if you just watch it once.


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