Eye Candy: Season 1 Episode 9

*Contains Spoilers*

So after 9 episodes of waiting for the killer to be revealed, last nights episode finally uncovered the murderer and I’m so not in shock. I feel like it was such a let down. It was revealed that the killer is Jake who is Lindy’s love interest. I just think it was too obvious that it was him. There were many scenes where you thought it can’t be him but that’s why it was him, it’s always the one that has alibi’s for the crime. I think it would have been a bigger shock if it was Tommy because everyone want’s him and Lindy to get together and nobody would have wanted it to be him. Or even Connor, Sophia’s friend. I just feel it was too obvious that it was going to be him.


I also don’t understand why they brought a new character in for these last couple of episode, she was completely irrelevant and got killed in this episode. There was just no point to her character and hasn’t effected the story in any way, shape or form.


Next week’s episode is the finale so I’m interested to see what happens between Jake and Lindy considering she doesn’t know he’s the killer yet and she just got on a boat with him. The promo shows Lindy finding out he’s the killer though so I’m looking forward to see if he dies or not. I’m also wondering if we will find out what happened to Lindy’s sister, whether she is really dead or not but we’ll see.


I was a huge fan of this show for the first half of the season but I’ve slowly started to go off it, I just carried on watching to find out who the killer is. I’m not sure if they will do a second season or not, the ratings are very low, hasn’t even reached 1 million yet so I’m not holding out much hope for a second season and I’m not too bothered if it gets cancelled.



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