22 Jump Street

When this film came out I couldn’t wait to see it, I loved the first film so I was excited about the second one. I don’t usually go to the cinema to watch comedies, I always think they’re not worth paying for to see on the big screen. I always go to see serious action films that are much better on the big screen but I’m glad I went to see 22 Jump Street, it was definitely worth it. I thought it was so much better and funnier than the first one and not many films can do that.

I’m a huge fan of Jonah Hill, I think he’s brilliant in comedies. I’m not really a fan of Channing Tatum as a lot of his films recently have either lacked storylines or has had rubbish endings. I used to like him years ago when he did the film Step Up. That’s the only other film of his I like a long with the Jump Street films. The chemistry that these two actors have shows in their characters and it’s just brilliant and refreshing to watch. It gives off a really energetic feel.


At the end of the film I was a bit gutted because in the credits they showed small scenes from 23 Jump Street and 24 and 25 and they did loads and it made me think if they’ve shown the audience loads of Jump Streets then it gives them closure and they won’t do another film. But they are which I’m so happy about. In number 1 they went to high school, in number 2 they went to college, I wonder where they’ll go in the third film. In the credits of the second film they showed the two of them going to medical school so I’m assuming they will be going along with that but you can never be sure. I think if they did do that then they have the potential to make it even more hilarious because I can’t imagine them two performing any kind of procedures.


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