Grey’s Anatomy: Season 11 Episode 14

Well they’ve done it again, another emotional and intense episode that had me crying again. It’s amazing that they’re in the 11th season and can still deliver these outstanding episodes. I’m going to dread the day they air the final episode for the series.


So, it was finally time for Dr. Herman to have her operation. I wasn’t sure if they’d keep her alive or not because she was only introduced this season but I’m really enjoying watching her character. They really delved into her brain tumour storyline which allowed Amelia to have a breakthrough. Removing the tumour was supposed to be impossible but she made it possible and did it. It may have taken nearly 24 hours but they removed it. I’m glad Derek didn’t show up because I really wanted Amelia to have her moment instead of always being in his shadow.


What was emotional to see this episode was how Arizona was coping with Dr. Herman being in surgery. They showed flashback to previous episodes where Herman was shouting at Arizona a lot because she knew she was dying and needed to make sure someone had all the knowledge of being a fetal surgeon and that person was going to be Arizona. This episode saw Arizona perform a surgery without Herman there, so we now know that Arizona doesn’t need her anymore and it’s a good job considering the operation on Herman left her blind. That was horrible finding out she was blind. She’s not going to die now which is a good thing but what makes her being blind more devastating is she won’t be able to perform surgeries anymore.


I don’t know if they’re keeping Herman in the show or whether they will have her retire. I really like her character. I didn’t at first but she really grew on me. If they do keep her in I’m not sure where they will go with her character but it will be interesting.

It was nice seeing April again for the first time since she lost her baby. I’m interested to see what effect this will have on her in the long run. Whether her and Jackson will manage through or if it will take its toll on.

Next week’s episode looks very interesting as in the promo the doctors are talking on the phone with an 11 year old boy telling him to cut into his mother to save her life. Sounds like it’s going to be another good one.


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