We’re 4 episodes in to this new TV show and I couldn’t be more excited. I saw the trailer to this and thought it looked amazing so I decided to watch it and I’m so glad I did. It keeps you on the edge of your seat every episode. The story is compelling and the performances are solid. People may link this show to The Americans because they are both based around the KGB.

Allegiance is about a young CIA analyst who is hired to work with the FBI but his mother, farther and older sister are all members of a Russian sleeper cell who have been reactivated to spy on him. They prevent him from making breakthroughs in the investigation with the FBI.


Episode 4 left off where his parents were sat at a chinese restaurant and he arrives and they say they’re about to tell him everything as he is getting closer to knowing the truth. Considering in a previous episode when he asked his mum if she was a spy and he said that if she were he would turn her in so when they do tell him the truth it will be interesting to see if he does turn them in or not.

Episode 5 airs tonight in America so I’m looking forward to watching that. I love the pace of this show, it’s really refreshing. I suggest if you’ve watched The Americans like me then give this show a go.


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