Pitch Perfect

Seeing as the second pitch perfect comes out May 15th, I decided to watch the first one again. I just love this film it always makes me smile. It’s not only hilarious, it’s engaging and easy going.



Fat Amy is the best, she brings all the comedy. My favourite bit is when she say she’s running horizontally by laying on the floor and moving her legs. The song arrangements go together so well and they’re so catchy. I particularly love it when they perform the song from The Breakfast Club (Don’t You Forge About Me) that’s an awesome song and a really cool movie.


Anna Kendrick, who plays Beca, is a really good actress and I really like her in this film, it’s interesting to see her in a film like this instead of the more serious ones but she does really well. I’m looking forward to seeing where the characters are at in the next film.

Pitch Perfect

I’m really looking forward to seeing what song’s they perform in the second film and what arrangements they do. I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth Banks who played Gail (one of the commentators) I’ve seen many of her films and my favourite one is Man on a Ledge. I’m excited because she is the director of the second film so I’m really looking forward to it.


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