How to get away with murder: Season 1 Finale!

*Contains spoilers*

Well, it was a two hour finale that delivered two of the biggest shocks of the season that I did not see coming. I’m still in shock! I was expecting a huge twist in who killed Lila but when they actually revealed who did it I wasn’t expecting it to be them. I thought it was going to be Annalise in the beginningĀ but towards the end I thought it might have been Bonnie. I loved the way they revealed the perpetrator, instead of cutting from the face of the victim as she was strangled to death to the murderer, the camera panned around to reveal the face and I didn’t see it coming. It was Frank! That was just the first shock.


The second shock was when it shows Rebecca’s dead body, I wasn’t expecting her to die at all. I liked this character throughout the season but this finale and the previous episode I started to doubt her innocence as the Keating 5 did too. I was glad when it was revealed that she wasn’t the one that killed Lila but now she’s dead, the question is…Who killed Rebecca? The easy answer would be Frank but I’m guessing it could be someone else. There was the scene when Wes was stood looking at the empty chair where Rebecca was supposed to be tied up, so I’m thinking he’s the obvious one to suspect but I’m not betting on it.


Sam was the one who asked Frank to kill Lila because “he owed him one” so I’m guessing season two will explore the relationship between these two characters in flashbacks.


The saddest scene in the finale was when Connor’s boyfriend revealed he had HIV, that was very sad. I really like Connor and I’m not sure how he’ll react to the situation so it’ll be interesting to see this story unfold throughout season two. I like that the show isn’t just about murder and that they do explore real issues, it makes it more realistic.


I’m glad they revealed the murderer and didn’t drag it out for seasons and season, it gets too stressful when shows do that. Even though there are now more questions I’m excited for the new season, to find out who killed Rebecca.

The relationship between Laurel and Michaela will be interesting to watch in season two because it looked like they were going to become friends but in the finale Laurel confessed that she took Michaela’s engagement ring when they were disposing of Sam’s body so that she wouldn’t go to the police as Michaela was a mess that night. I’m glad Laurel had it though because I was always thinking that, that would be the piece of evidence that tied them all to Sam’s murder.


Season two is to start in the fall.


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