Prom Night

When a high school teacher kills the family of a girl named Donna, she moves in with her aunt and uncle but when prom night arrives he escapes from prison to be with donna. He terrorizes the teenagers at prom. I was expecting this film to be scary but it was the complete opposite. It was entertaining but it is a slasher film and there wasn’t really any jaw dropping moments. There was the odd teenager getting their throat slashed but the deaths weren’t anything spectacular. There wasn’t a scene that made me jump and I like films which make me jump.


When Donna’s boyfriend died in the last half of the film i think that was the saddest part but it was very predictable and obviously Donna ended up killing the teacher in the end. It’s a typical slasher film, just don’t expect too much excitement. There aren’t any twists in this film or any parts that make you sit on the edge of your seat but it’s entertaining enough to watch it once.


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