Broadchurch Series 2 Finale!

*Contains Spoilers*

I was so annoyed at the start of the finale when the defendant was found not guilty for killing the little boy in the first series, I felt like they had just ruined the first series because he confessed to the crime and still gets away with it. Throughout the second series the ratings have gone down drastically, with people not enjoying it as much. I started to think they should have just kept it as a one series show because the first one was fantastic and series two went way off track.


Even though this episode started off on a low the ending was beautiful and sad. In the first quarter it seemed like the defendant would get killed by the father of the little boy and I didn’t want him to die, I wanted him to be punished but in the end the residents of the town pull together to drive him out of town.

The ending was nice when you saw them all happy again after all the tragedy that’s happened. The final scene between the two detectives was sweet where they just shook hands and then parted ways. After everything they’ve been through it’s nice to see them happy again.


It has been confirmed that they are doing a series 3 and I hope they go with a whole new story because it needs changing up and not dragging out. I don’t mind if they bring little bits back but if they do what they did with series two I will be disappointed.


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