Dark Skies

I was surprised at how bright this film was and how many scenes were in daylight because it is a horror film and the poster for the film says ‘fear the dark” yet it was night-time very often. The film is about a suburban family who lead happy lives until some disturbing events start to take place and it’s mainly the two children that suffer the most.


Throughout the film the mother and father are trying to figure out whats going on and when it’s suspected that it could be aliens, the father is in disbelief. They meet someone who has experience with these same aliens and he tells them that they will take one of their children and they think it’s going to be their youngest. They buy a dog and board up the house. What I liked about this movie is what they called the aliens, they were called the Greys and I just thought it was weird that they had a name. Anyway when the aliens attack again the family fight back but they still manage to take one of their sons but it’s not the one they thought, it’s their eldest.

The twist came at the end of the film when the mother finds drawings of the aliens that the eldest son drew when he was young. It turns out that he was the first ever person to see the aliens and that’s why they took him. There were other families that were target by the Greys but this family were the first to ever see them. I wasn’t too pleased with the ending, although this small twist was good, it just didn’t give off the shock factor and then the film ends where the eldest son speaks to the family through a walky talky. There was just no closure, all we know is he’s still alive.

I enjoyed this film but it’s not something I’d watch again. After reading up on it and seeing the posters I thought it was going to be scary but it wasn’t at all. The actress who plays the mother is Keri Russell and I think she’s fantastic. She stars in the TV show The Americans and I think she’s brilliant in that. I recommend watching this film if you’re into aliens and that kind of sci-fy.

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