Arrow: Season 3 Episode 14

Another fantastic episode this week, the whole season has just been a huge step up from the first two. I am also really enjoying the flashbacks this season, especially in this episode, I also love the partnership between Oliver and Maseo.


Watching Thea and Ollie in action this episode was definitely a highlight. It’s nice to see her fighting and being a lot stronger than she was in the previous seasons. I was surprised that Ollie decided to tell her that she was the one who killed Sara. Obviously she didn’t act too well but I’m just glad she’s now seen sense about Malcolm. I honestly started believing that he was changing when he started looking after Thea but after this episode I hate him even more. He was the one who let Slade out on the island in order to make Ollie a killer again but it didn’t work as Oliver put him back where he belongs. I do wish he’d kill him though because we all know that until he’s dead he’ll be back.


I really enjoyed the flashbacks and sometimes I wish they’d use less of them in certain episodes but I loved them this time. As Oliver was back in Starling he had to make sure nobody recognises him. Whilst trying to do the task he was brought back for he saw Thea and followed her, this led to him seeing Tommy. It was nice seeing him again, I miss his character. We also got to see someone we’ve never seen before but we’ve heard a lot about…Adam. Who is Diggle’s brother. It was nice to finally see him and I wonder if we’ll see anymore of him. Also in one of the flashbacks, Ollie went to Queen consolidated and had to hide because someone was coming and that someone was Felicity. It’s weird knowing that he’s seen her whilst he was supposedly dead.


This episode didn’t show any of the team arrow in action, it was just about Oliver and Thea surviving on the island and the flashbacks. Surprisingly this episode was a kind of calmer to the previous episodes where it’s been full of drama. It was nice to just have quite a simple episode where it didn’t jam everyone in and just focused on Oliver.


The promo for next weeks episode doesn’t give much away really. It shows that Oliver takes Aresonal and Black Canary to Nanda Parbat and at the end of the promo we see Roy in his suit. I’m not excited about seeing him to be honest, I really couldn’t care less, I don’t like the character yet, I’m not sure why. I think it might be because we’ve already got loads of hero’s and I don’t want another one. If he is going to end up in a spin-off show then I wouldn’t mind that. I’m excited that Nyssa’s back, she always brings drama so we’ll see what happens.


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