You’re Next

This film is about an estranged upper class family, 4 children and their partners decide to visit their parents to celebrate their wedding anniversary. As they are sitting down enjoying a nice family meal, crossbows start flying at them from people wearing animal masks. This film had one of the worst starts I have ever seen. At first I thought it was the acting but it became clearer that it was the writing of the film. It was terrible, I nearly had to turn it off and when the action started it got worse. The camera movements were awful. You couldn’t even tell what was going on, it was so frustrating. After a long horrible start to the film t finally stared to get better.


When the hand creeped slowly out from under the bed, that’s when it got good. I actually screamed at that bit, it was so scary and I never scream at horror films. I knew someone in the family was going to be in on it but 3 of them ended up being in on it and they were doing it so that they would inherit all their families money. I honestly can’t believe that they killed their own family just to get rich. Obviously this being a horror film, someone had to survive and they did and then they killed the family members in on it. The film ended with a police officer arriving to help but ending up being accidentally killed.


Overall, I really enjoyed this film and would gladly watch it again, you just have to get past the terrible start.


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