I remember going to the cinema when this first came out to see it and I thought it was amazing. I hadn’t read the books but I’d heard of them and knew they were popular so I went to see it. I recently decided to read the books. I’ve just finished the first one and I really enjoyed it, I always find books to be better than the film because they have more detail and you get to know what the characters thinking. They also explain things so much more because I’ve watched the film more than once and I didn’t know Tobias and Tris’s mother were divergent too. In the film I always wondered how he was awake when they were all injected with the serum and now it makes sense.

What I really like about the transition from book to film is that the film does exactly what’s in the book, it always annoys me when films don’t stick with the book. Like with the Percy Jackson books, the film was completely different and I think that’s why it didn’t do so well. Whereas Divergent was so close to the book and that made me enjoy the book a lot more as I read the book after seeing the film.

The second film, Insurgent, comes out next month and I am going to try to finish the second book before this one comes out because it’s always better to have read the book before the film. It will also be nice to know what happens in it. I hope, like the first one, that they have stuck with the book again.


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